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About us

We are specialized in the development of all kind of applications: web, desktop, smartphones, tablets, mobile scanners and many more!

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Web specialists

Depending on your needs we design and develop your web projects: responsive and adaptable, original and attractive web design, but also functional and compatible with different browsers. Always committed to meeting your needs using the latest web standards and demanding.


Java application development

Since 2004 our company has been developing enterprise applications in Java EE. Custom projects for small, medium and large companies, with the highest standards of quality and performance.


Apps for mobile devices

In 2008 we jumped into development for mobile devices. Our team is specialized in iOS and Android. Most of our products are focused on enterprise development, but we have also awesome projects in the videogame industry.

Our team

These are our developers. Creative and dynamic people capable to adapt to your business requirements.

Our products

These are some of the products we have developed so far by working hand in hand with our customers.
All of them are still being improved on a daily basis.

eCommerce - BOA

BITBOX online architecture. Web retail online store.

Cross-selling techniques

“Referenced selling” unites variations of articles for an easier browsing experience.

“On-queue cross-selling” presents a more active cross-selling directly in the add-to-cart user story.

Cross-selling is offered only within its sale potential context, to reduce stress on the user and increase conversion rate.

Reinforce up sales utilizing the Collections potential in the articles page.

Inspirational online catalogues

Every article on the inspiration photos can be clicked and added to cart.

Catalogues are updated periodically motivating repeat visits.

3D online catalogues let customers look around and move in rooms. The items are also clickable and can be added to the cart.


Customers can select to pick up their purchase in store or at any pickup point for free (or for a fee if so decided).

Customers can order home delivery at a time that is convenient for them.

Customer can pay using credit card, bank transfer or gift cards.

IKEA Inspire

Android & iOS discovery and shopping app as a BOA extension


Menu for quick category navigation.

Preview item information on search results list.

Search by: code, characteristics like colors or material, even combined terms.

Pinch to zoom and swipe to navigate catalogues.

“Fuzzy” search finds alternatives to search words that are misspelled.


Quick access to buy by rooms or categories.

Elegant app welcome screen with digital inspiration.

Interactive catalogues with augmented reality. The items are clickable and can be added to the cart.


Scanning QR codes or barcodes of articles will bring up their information and even an augmented reality list of relevant items.

Customers can order home delivery at a time that is convenient for them.

Items in menus are clickable and information will be served.

Item details

Add items to shopping list.

Purchase directly from app for pickup or home delivery.

View all item information that a customer needs.

Walk the Store

The stores in your hands


Article preview information on the search list.

Smart search by item code, item characteristics like colors or material, item types.

Freely apply filters like colors, price ranges, measures and more.

“Fuzzy” search algorithm suggests misspelled alternatives.


Ability to scan QR or normal article codes.

Scanning QR codes that comprises a composition will list all the articles.

The app can scan and open any URL.

Item details

Add items to the multi purpose list (shopping, refilling, etc.)

All article information in your hands.

Integrated relationship database suggests cross selling items or combinations.

Item statistics

Logistic information, supplied orders and deliveries.

Stock and warehouse information.

Sales statistics, forecasts and interactive charts.


Datawarehouse & business intelligence

Key Performance Indicators

Ad-hoc chart-based reports.

Customizable dashboard: Widgets, folders, sharing, favourites ...

Highly configurable metrics and dimensions.

All widgets are pushed into a history queue to be retrieved for later use.

My Reports

Ad-hoc reports tool.

Customizable report list: folders, favourites, sharing ...

Multiple filters to segment the information.

Raw exporter and configurable fields and columns.

All reports are pushed into a history queue to be retrieved for later use.

Our customers

These are some of our most outstanding customers and their opinions about our software tools:

“Their applications have been able to adapt to the different departments of our business with exceptional speed.”

Antonio Tavira

“We have accomplished a better control and update in our databases.”

David Tavira

“Their mobile apps are extremely useful to improve the effectiveness of our sales forces.”

Martin Berlevik

“Their software has enhanced our organization grouping everything necessary to offer the best service to our customers.”

Gabriel Cabrera

Where can you find us?

You can find us right here (click on map for more details):

Las Palmas
Telde (35219)
Calle Pastor, 7, Salinetas Industrial Park

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